Deerhunter Lady Ann Trousers with membrane dames broek

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Comfortabele damesbroek met stretch op de delen waar dit praktisch is, zodat de broek erg fijn zit. De Deerhunter Lady Ann met membraam damesbroek is uitgerust met het Deer-Tex® membraam dat ervoor zorgt dat de broek wind- en waterdicht is, maar tevens goed ademend. De Deerhunter Lady Ann with Membrane Trousers is verkrijgbaar in de maten 36 t/m 48 in de kleuren Deep Green en Black Ink.


A technical trouser designed for serious adventure, the Deerhunter Lady Ann Trousers with Deer-Tex® membrane offer optimum protection from all weather conditions and pair perfectly with the rest of the Lady Ann collection. Waterproof, windproof and highly breathable, with added 4-way stretch for increased mobility, they are ideal for active hunts. There is ample storage for hunting essentials including a secure knife pocket. For a customised fit, they feature pre-shaped knees, an elasticated panel in the waist, ventilation zippers and adjustable ankle closures.

  • Elastic at waist
  • Stretchable contrast fabric for increased mobility
  • Stretchable lining with membrane
  • Two front pockets
  • Two thigh box pockets with concealed zipper
  • Knife pocket inside left hand pocket
  • Back pocket with concealed zipper
  • Zipper at the back leg for ventilation
  • Pre shaped knees
  • Adjustable at ankles with velcro straps
  • Shell fabric 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
  • Contrast fabric 54% Polyamide / 39% Polyester / 7% Elastane
  • Lining 100% Polyester
  • MPMVP WP 5000 mm/MVP 3000 g


Deer-Tex® membrane lies loosely between the outer fabric and the other layers. All seams are taped, making the product 100% waterproof. The loose membrane is particularly suited to products where there is a major emphasis on being noiseless, for example during stalking and bow hunting.

OEKOTEX: Your guarantee of a certified product with no harmful substances! OEKO-TEX® is the world’s leading health certification for textile products: A democratic association with 2-3 annual meetings to discuss improvements for testing methods and standards. New initiatives are based on the latest medical knowledge about substances that are hazardous to health and the environment, legislation on chemicals and developments in textiles.

Four-way stretch: When choosing hunting apparel, and you need maximum flexibility, freedom of movement and a good fit, you should choose Deerhunter’s products with four-way stretch. Hunting apparel with four-way stretch is elastic both lengthways and widthways, enabling you to move around freely without feeling constricted by your clothing.

Water Repellent: Products impregnated with water repellent treatment are water- and dirt-repellent. Stains are easy to remove and the product gets a smooth surface.

Breathable: No matter what weather situation you find yourself in, choosing Deerhunter’s clothing with one of its four membranes, will provide you with a breathable product. This allows you to maintain your comfort while being active and subsequently enjoy your experience more.

Windproof: If you choose one of Deerhunter’s products which have a membrane, it will automatically be windproof. Windproofing is the garment’s ability to keep the wind out. If you sit for a long time in a strong breeze, you will quickly appreciate the fact that the garment is windproof. Windproof hunting apparel helps to keep you warm so that you can focus on the hunt.

Taped seams: When the clothing is stitched, tiny holes are created in the fabric by the seams. To avoid moisture seeping through these holes, it is possible to tape the seams. This protects exposed areas and increases the product's waterproofness.

Waterproof & Breathability - 5.000/3.000: Water penetration resistance is measured in “millimetre water column pressure”. The water column pressure is measured by placing a liquid column gauge over the material so that material with water penetration resistance 5.000 mm can keep water out from a five metre (5.000 mm) gauge. Material with a water penetration resistance of 10.000 mm can resist water from a 10 metre (10.000 mm) gauge, etc. MVP value indicates breathability of a membrane. MVP value is an expression of the quantity of water vapour that can escape through one square meter of a membrane within 24 hours. A breathable product rated at 5.000 can therefore “breathe” 5.000 g (5 litres) water vapour per square metre in 24 hours.

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