Swedteam Ridge junior trousers Desolve kinder camouflagebroek maat 150

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Comfortabele kinderbroek in DESOLVE® Veil en Fire camouflage van geruisloos materiaal. De Swedteam Ridge junior kinderbroek is water- en windproof maar toch ademend door het COVERTEX® membraam. De Desolve camouflagekinderbroek heeft veel zakken en is goed opvallend voor de schutters. Uitgevoerd in de allernieuwste camouflageprint Desolve. Alleen nog verkrijgbaar in maat 150. Shell: 100% polyester, Membrane: 100% polyurethane, Lining: 100% polyester

Hunting junior trousers with unique camouflage pattern. Silent trousers with the revolutionary DESOLVE® Veil and DESOLVE® Fire™ patterns. With COVERTEX® for high protection against wind and water. Large pockets on legs, drawstring at waist and velcro tabs for adjustment at ankles.

Desolve camouflage; Revolutionary pixel patterns that breakup your body shape
Camouflage itself is about so much more than mimicking the patterns and colours of the surroundings. The problem with many existing camouflage products is that the contrasts are too low. From a distance the pattern melts into a single colour which makes you visible to the animal.

DESOLVE® has instead been inspired by how animals camouflage themselves against each other, such as tigers and leopards. The colours are similar to the ambient surroundings, but instead of having twigs and leaves on the body such as the way human camouflage is often designed, these animal patterns in black, form a stark contrast with the fur’s main colour. Through the use of these patterns, body shape is broken up and these carnivores go unnoticed by their prey.

DESOLVE® functions in a similar way. The colours in the pattern match the area you hunt in, but in addition, the pattern’s main function is to break up your human form. It uses a unique pixel pattern in which interspersed small and large pixels form a high contrast that makes you invisible at any distance.

The animals vision compared to human’s
Although we hunters spend much of our time trying to be invisible to the animals, there are probably quite a few who actually are aware of how an animals’ eyesight works. The eyesight of deer – the most commonly hunted animal in Sweden – is more blurry than in humans. They see a majority of their surroundings in 2D, like a flat mass of colours. The use of high contrasts and pixel patterns where large and small pixels alternate melts you into this colour, mass and avoids revealing your body shape.

Animals also have a different colour vision than we humans and they cannot see red tones. This is also the reason why neon camouflage is a good solution when we humans want to see each other but still want to be invisible to the animals.


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